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Review- Stuck in GOOGLE? 0.99$ Auto Seo



Attention: If you have a online business or you are about to start one this my be the most valuable post you will ever read!!!

What is link-building? 

Other websites saying that you are the cool kid in town on that subject.

 To be honest it`s such a complex thing for most people that they don`t really know how to start.Starting a website with little to no money is difficult enough.

I know how overwhelmed you might be from Writing Seo Friendly articles, Onpage Optimization, installing plugins, SPEED optimization and other things.
                   And maybe you will become good at seo, but i know for now that the priority is obtaining results with what you have (making money), and then on the road you can get into details like proper link building and things like that.
               I know that there are others who offer PVN, high quality links and Seo but NONE OF THEM (of what i heard so far, offers a helping hand for someone in need )
If you know someone who`s willing to help for free or untill you get results please email or leave in comment (UNICORNS).
               AutoSeo is a unique whitehat technology used to promote your website on Google search engine.This service allows you to create natural links from websites in the same niche relevant to your website`s content. The links are integrated into unique content that allows you to achieve perfect results.
               The Semalt Database has more than 50.000 High-quality partner sites, on various topics. Sites are carefully selected based on age domain and Google Trust Rank.

They are distributed according to the report:
                                   40% - anchor links
                                   50% - non-anchor Links
                                  10% - Brand links (domain)

These links will make your site to grow in Google rankings


How to use :

  • Register
  • Add your website (project)
After you add your website, click on AUTOSEO, and for 0.99$ you have an Premium Seo Agency 
working for you for one month 

 They will start to supercharge your website in rankings.
Buying traffic for your site for 0.99$-the real difference is that as your site grows, traffic grows exponentially 

Here are some results on an 8 month old, no backlinks website:

Semalt Auto Seo Review
You can see the campaign starting on 19 Dec 2014 and ending on 19 Jan 2015

                   1 new keyword in Google top 1 
                3  new keyword in Google top 
       and 49 keywords got HIGHER in Google Serp 


Semalt Backlinks Information
Here we can see that   657 new backlinks and 86 referring domains
(21 backlinks and 2 domains a day )

      Stop stressing and worrying about link-building at least for ONE MONTH, and focus on content, new products or new websites.


For one month your keywords will skyrocket 
...which means more traffic
  ... which leads to more money.

You can cancel the subscription anytime you like.
You are in control of everything.


 Here are some examples of brilliant keyword growth with the 0.99$ offer:

Semalt Keyword position
THE BOMB!Here we have from #22 to #2 place in Google

Keywords entering for the first time in search results
Maintaining current keywords positions

Here we can see from #57 to #12 position in GOOGLE! 

Limited OFFER*

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can i cancel anytime?
Yes, you can cancel anytime. Even better, you can be refunded if you make a request within 7 days.

2.Why 0.99 $ if they`re a Premium Seo Agency?
They want to help small webmasters/start-ups. This way you can see the real potential of your website. 

3. Is this service good for new websites?
This service is perfect for new sites. We have been able to rank high new sites with this service.

4. Where can i find the 0.99 $ first month coupon code?
Our link is a special link that already contains the coupon code. The offer is for the first month/first site for client.

5. I am already registered, can i still use this offer?
I`m sorry but no, you can`t. The offer can be activated only for new customers registered through the link with the active offer.

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